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This website is written, designed and maintained by a Plant Biology undergraduate student to enlist opportunities and encourage other students to study plants. 

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Career paths other than academia

Alternative Careers for Scientists

Career trends:
Industry of Academia - 
Where do I fit?

Academia or Industry:
finding the right fit

research in industry: a great career choice

let researchers try new paths

the plight of young scientists

reinvent scientist alternative careers

alternative careers in science my experience as an informal educator

graduate case studies

Consulting careers

careers away from the bench

how to succeed at a career in industry

Agricultural Extension Officer Job Description

The USDA Agricultural Research Service: A Growing Experience

Plant Sciences: A Minority Perspective

Careers in plant breeding

Ten simple rules in considering a career in academia versus government

Making the most of a career in farming

Considering a career in Agriculture?

A Guide to Careers in Science Writing

How to Get a Job in Science Education and Outreach

Media, journalism and publishing

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